Nexus S - Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and Photosphere



With the arrival of Jelly Bean 4.2, Google Nexus S has been left on the side of the road by Google, which has decided not to provide JB 4.2 update for this phone.


Hopefully, thanks to the CyanogenMod team, Nexus S has been one of the first device to get CM 10.1, which is based on Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

The only bad news about it is that the Google Apps provided for CM 10.1 don't install PhotoSphere on devices like Nexus S.

But, some people have been able to extract the proper applications and libraries from official JB 4.2 devices to get PhotoSphere installed on other devices.

So, this article explains all the steps needed to flash CM 10.1, Google Apps & PhotoSphere on a rooted Nexus S.

It provides the PhotoSphere package that needs to be flashed on the top of Google Apps.


A pre-requisite is to have rooted your Nexus S and installed a Recovery like ClockWorkMod or TWRP. If needed, a step-by-step rooting guide is available from this site.

This procedure does a factory reset. So it will erase all your phone data.
Before going further, make sure you've backed-up all your important data.

1. Download Archives

First step is to download all needed .zip packages to be flashed on your Nexus S :

Copy these 3 packages at the root of your phone internal sdcard.

2. Flash Archives from Recovery

You can now reboot into recovery mode.

From the recovery menus, follow these steps in chronological order :

  1. Do a Factory Reset to wipe Data
  2. Wipe Cache & Dalvick Cache
  3. Wipe System
  4. Install CyanogenMod 10.1 package
  5. Install Google Apps package
  6. Install PhotoSphere package

Photosphere package will install a modified version of Gallery and all the libraries needed by the Camera application to run in PhotoSphere mode.

You can now reboot.

3. First boot

As usual, first boot will take some time.


You'll need to setup your wifi network, google account, ...

One very important step is to launch the Camera and to select No thanks when it asks to tag photos and video with the location.
This is important as there is a bug that makes Gallery crash if you do a Photosphere shooting with geolocalisation tagging on.


Camera application will now display the PhotoSphere menu entry.



You now have in hand a brand new Nexus S running Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and PhotoSphere.

 Enjoy !

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