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Latest Android smartphones are becoming as powerful as standard computer. They host multiple cores processor, RAM in Gb, ... They are also providing huge screen size, reaching 5'' or more.

Even if these high end features are very comfortable in day to day use, they have a huge drawback : they are draining your battery at high speed.

For example, under normal usage, a Nexus 5 battery won't last more than one full working day. In fact, the embedded battery is not a heavy duty one as it holds only 2300 mAh (200 mAh more than previous Nexus 4). Snapdragon processor and the large 5'' screen are drawing most of the battery power.

Thanks to some very efficient applications, it is possible to reduce drastically your battery usage on these latest mobile phones.

This article explains what application should be installed and tuned to maximize your Android phone battery life. On some of the latest phones, according to your usage, you can expect to almost double your battery life !

Please note that these applications don't need to have a rooted phone.

1. SnadDragon Battery Guru

android-icon-batteryguruSnapdragon BatteryGuru is a battery life saver app that extends battery performance by making changes that optimize device functionality in phones with Snapdragon mobile processors.

As many high-end Android phones are embedding a Snapdragon processor, this application will do wonders to your battery life.

It works in two different phases :

  1. First, it will learn your phone usage for 2 to 3 days
  2. Then, it will handle all processors and data connexion settings in the background to maximize your battery life

Just install it from Google Play and start it. A guide will explain learning step and all available parameters.

As an example, Snapdragon BatteryGuru will take care of switching on and off your wifi and data connection, according to the place your are located. As wifi is drawing much less power than 3G or 4G, you'll save a lot of power when your are at home or in your office where wifi connection is available. On the other end, when you are in the street, wifi will be switched off to save some power.

This application will only work if you have a SnapDragon processor (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Moto G, ..).

2. Lux Lite

android-icon-luxliteLux Lite intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment you're in.

If you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make it not only comfortable to read and to also preserve battery power.

Just install it from Google Play and you'll then be able to adjust screen brightness according to the environment luminosity.

As default screen luminosity is quite high, you'll be able to save quite a lot of battery power if your tweak it well.



Lux Lite will only work if your phone is having a light sensor.
But, this should be the case on most if not all latest phones.


With the help of both these tools, your Android smartphone should give you many hours more of life before needing to go to the power station.

Hope it helps !

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