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I recently recovered an old Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 as it was becoming totally irresponsive and unusable because of low RAM and ROM size.

In fact system partition is around 215 Mb and data partition is around 185 Mb ...

So, I decided to root it to be able to install Link2SD and open possibility to link apps to a specific SD card partition.

This phone is running Froyo 2.2.2 and to my surprise, I didn't find any exploit or any One Click solution that worked. The only rooting procedure that worked for me was thru Samsung recovery.

This guide explains how to root your Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 running Froyo 2.2.2 in a very simple step thru stock Samsung recovery.

This operation has been done with a Ubuntu computer, but it should work with almost anything able to access your phone SD Card.

1. Flash Root Kit from recovery

First thing is to get file from internet. The first result from XDA-Developers site is the one I've used as this site is fully trusted.

Next, rename the file to and place it at the root of your Samsung Galaxy Pro SD Card.

Everything is now ready to root your phone.

You now need to switch off the phone and to restart it under recovery mode.

To start in Recovery mode, you need to press key T and Power button for sometime while phone is switched off.


Do not release both the keys till recovery screen comes.


You can navigate the menu with Vol - & Vol + and select a menu with Home key.

Select menu apply

Your universal root package will be flashed.

After few seconds, you'll get back the menu.

Just select reboot system now.

Your phone is now fully rooted.

2. After rooting tweaks

Now that your Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 is fully rooted, you can now follow these procedures :

You'll now enjoy a complete new experience with a rejuvenated smartphone !


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