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This year, Santa Claus has brought an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 431 in the family.
This laptop is a nice, light, very compact and affordable laptop.

With Intel Celeron N3050 Dual-core, 2 Gb of RAM, 64 Gb eMMC and a 14' display, it is a perfect laptop to run Ubuntu instead of the pre-installed Windows 10. Thanks to the hardware provided, latest Ubuntu 15.10 64bits works Out Of the Box (touchpad, sound, wifi, webcam, …).

But when you try to install Ubuntu, you'll notice that installation process with an Ubuntu Live USB key is giving trouble :

  • In Legacy mode, it just hangs at some stage
  • In UEFI mode, it installs just fine, but the laptop indicates No media found during boot process

This article explains how to replace Windows 10 with Ubuntu 15.10 64bits on an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 431 in UEFI mode.

It provides all the steps to have a fully functional laptop natively running latest Ubuntu.

It has been tested with Ubuntu 15.10 64bits, but should also be applicable to any other Linux 64bits distribution handling properly UEFI boot and eMMC disk.

1. Set Boot Order

As this laptop is not having any CD/DVD player, installation should be done thru a bootable USB Key.

As usual, first thing to do is to set the Bios boot order to boot from USB media first.

You can enter the Bios by typing F2 during boot sequence.

In the Bios Boot menu, set USB media as the first of the list.

You can also check that boot mode is set to UEFI (this should be the default configuration).

2. Install Ubuntu

Installation process is quite straight forward.

Just insert your Ubuntu 64bits Live USB key, press the Power button and follow the installation instructions.

Make sure that you select the Use the whole disk partitioning option to remove Windows and use the complete 64 Gb eMMC.

During the installation process, you may need to use a mouse as the trackpad may not be recognised (it happened for Ubuntu 15.10).

At the end of the installation process, during reboot, you'll get a scary No Media Found message …

This is were UEFI configuration starts.

3. Update UEFI Database

As by default Secure boot is Enabled, your laptop refuses to boot any unknown image.

That's why you get the scary No media found message after a succesful Ubuntu installation.

You'll need to add the newly installed Ubuntu boot image to the UEFI database.

This is done thru the Bios with some simple steps.

3.1. Enable Supervisor Password

To access UEFI advanced menus, it is compulsory to set a Supervisor password.

This password is compulsory, but can be reset at the end of the operation.

So, in the Bios Security menu, just set any Supervisor password (for example test).

Make sure to write it down. If by any chance you forget it, you'll be in front of a nice brick.

3.2. Update UEFI Image Database

As a Supervisor password is now set, some new menus are accessible.

Enter the Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing menu.

It will allow you to declare the newly installed Ubuntu boot image as trusted on your laptop.

ubuntu aceraspireone431 uefi menu

Once you've entered that menu, navigate to EMMC / EFI / Ubuntu and select the file shimx64.efi.

You'll be asked to enter a description for that boot image. Type whatever you want as it is only an associated label.

ubuntu aceraspireone431 uefi image

After you've selected Yes, your Acer Aspire One 431 is now ready to boot the newly installed Ubuntu Operating System in UEFI mode.

3.3. Disable Supervisor Password

If you don't feel confident with your password remembrance capability, it's now time to reset the Supervisor password.

To reset it, just set it again and press Enter for both password and password confirmation.

4. First Boot with Ubuntu

Your Acer Aspire One 431 laptop is now able to boot under Ubuntu.

ubuntu aceraspireone431 ubuntu boot

As a first good surprise, you'll notice that boot time is really fast.

Another very good surprise is that most components are recognized and operational Out of the Box.

Trackpad ok
Sound ok
Webcam ok
Wifi ok
Bluetooth to be tested

You can now fully enjoy the Open SOurce spirit from your Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 431 !

Hope it helps.

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