BitTorrent Labs has just released a new multi-platform tool called BitTorrent Sync. This tool may revolutionize the way we handle file sharing.

It allows you to share & synchronize in almost real time a folder content between multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, ...) wherever they are as long as they are accessible thru a network.


BTSync is quite simple to setup and allows you to create a secured & distributed private network with whoever and whatever device you want. All synchronization job accross devices is done automatically in the background, using a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. The connexion between devices is done thru UDP, it handles NAT traversal and UPnP port mapping.

This article explains some BTSync usages (smartphone on-the-air access, server backup, ...) and some BTSync configurations that will allow you to use BTSync anytime, from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, ...).

You'll then create you self-hosted Dropbox or Google Drive replacement. Some huge possibilities are opening ... your main limit will be your own imagination !

Share Family Photos & Videos

You are part of a big family, everybody is having a digital camera and you all want to share photos & video that everybody has taken during some family meetings.

With BTSync, this becomes very simple ... you just need :

  • to create a shared BTSync folder on your Debian server
  • synchronise your desktop with that share
  • share it with all the family members giving them full access

Everybody will then be able to enjoy on a local folder of their computer the photos and video deposited by everybody. As with any other folder, it will be possible to :

  • deposit some photos & videos transfered from a digital camera
  • visualize the files and play the videos deposited by others
  • drop some full quality pix on a USB key for printing
  • ...

This will be done straight from everybody's PC and all the background transfers & synchronization will be handled by BTSync ...

In a few weeks time, you won't be able to realize that this was not possible before !

Synchronize your Android phone data

Your Android phone and tablet are handling a lot of interesting data that you may want to synchronize with your computer.

Usage Directory
Camera photos and videos /sdcard/DCIM
Music mp3 library /sdcard/Music
Movies /sdcard/Movies
TuneIn Radio recordings /sdcard/TuneIn Radio
TWRP ROM backups /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS
WhatsApp pictures & video /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media

If these folders are synchronized thru BTSync, it will then avoid you to have to manage any USB connexion.

All transfers and synchronizations will be handled by BTSync as long as your phone is accessible on the network.

Backup your Workstation Files

If you are the system administrator of a small / medium company, BTSync can help you to do a real time backup of all your users important data.

You just need to setup a BTSync synchronization on the main document folder of all your users workstation with some folder on your backup server.

Once this synchronization is setup, whatever document is modified on a user's workstation will be backed-up by BTSync as soon as your user will be connected to your network.

This backup will almost be done in realtime !

Setup Guides

Even if BTSync is quite simple to setup and configure, it is not available as packages for different systems at the time of this article was written.

Here are some guides that may help you in your BTSync global setup :

With BTSync, you are giving a whole new dimension to your network.


Hope it helps.

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