DNS 323 - Add a second disk : the safe side



If you want to add a second drive to an operational DNS-323, you have to be careful as there are few firmware bugs that can simply reformat your actual drive. In fact, all firmware up to 1.08 are known to be buggy.

The safe side is to format the new drive while removing the first one.

Another funny behaviour, is the fun_plug mecanism : Whatever was the position of your fist disk before inserting the new one, the drive holding the ffp will need to be inserted in the right slot !

Finally, you have to be careful that the drive inserted first on the system will be recognised as Volume_1. So to keep your first drive shares running, you will have to make sure that is is recognised first on the system, after the new drive has been formatted.

So, to add a new disk to your DNS-323, without risk, keeping fun_plug running and keeping your actual shares, you have to carefully follow few steps.

1. Format new drive

To format the new drive, you have to follow these steps :

  1. Shutdown the NAS
  2. Remove first drive from its slot
  3. Insert the new drive in any slot
  4. Restart the NAS
  5. Connect on the web interface, and follow the wizard asking your to format the drive
  6. Shutdown the NAS after the process is finished

2. Restart system with first drive only

Now, you need to restart the system following these steps :

  1. Remove the new drive from the slot
  2. Insert your first drive in the right slot (important for ffp to carry on running)
  3. Restart the system

You should now be able to connect to your NAS thru telnet or ssh (thanks to ffp).

You network shares should be accessible thru Volume_1.

3. Add new drive to get both drives

Finally, you have to restart your system after adding the new drive into the left slot.

After the boot, your NAS will have both drives operationnal.

Your original drive, including ffp, is in the right slot, seen as Volume_1.

The new drive is in the left slot, seen as Volume_2.

4. Transfer data from original to new Drive

If you want to transfert some data from the old drive to the new one, you can always do it thru the network shares.
But in case of bulk transfer it can be very long.

The most efficient way is to connect into the NAS thru ssh and to launch a copy command from one mount place to the other.

This copy command needs to preserve the rights and the files timestamp :

# cp -Rp /mnt/HD_a2/yourdirectory /mnt/HD_b2/

You can now suppress yourdirectory from the Volume_1 samba share.

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