DNS 323 - Funplug 0.7 : Install Compilation Environment



This article explains how to easily setup a complete GNU compilation environment on your DNS-325.

This will allow you to compile natively some very interesting applications to enhance your NAS possibilities.

Thanks to Fonz, all compilation tools (GNU compiler, GNU autotools, Subversion tools & GIT) can be installed easily thru slacker.

This guide is based on fun_plug 0.7 which has to be installed as a pre-requisite.
Installation can be done following DNS 323 - Extend your NAS possibilities with Fun plug 0.7.
All following operations suppose that your are connected to the DNS-323 console thru SSH or Telnet.

1. GNU compiler & tools

Within slacker, you need to install (if not already) the following packages :

DNS 323 console
# slacker -a s:autoconf- s:automake- s:bash- s:binutils- s:bison- s:cmake- s:coreutils- s:curl- s:diffutils- s:flex- s:freetype- s:gcc- s:gcc-solibs- s:gettext- s:grep- s:gzip- s:icu4c- s:libiconv- s:libxml2- s:linux-libc-headers- s:libtool- s:m4- s:make- s:mpfr- s:ncurses- s:patch- s:pcre- s:perl- s:pkg-config- s:readline- s:sed- s:shadow- s:tar- s:tcp_wrappers- s:uClibc- s:uClibc-solibs- s:util-linux- s:wget- s:xz- s:zlib-

Make sure that all packages are installed, if not install them.

2. Subversion & GIT

Within slacker, you need to install (if not already) the following packages :

DNS 323 console
# slacker -a s:git- s:sqlite-
# slacker -a mijzelf:apr- mijzelf:apr_util- mijzelf:subversion- mijzelf:neon-

3. Declare Compilation Environment

dropcap-gnuOnce all packages are installed, you need to declare the default variables used by GNU compilers.

The most important configuration is :

  • We are dealing with an armv5te CPU
  • Optimisation will be done with maximum 03 option
  • Include files are available under /ffp/include
  • Temporary compilation directory is on the HD under /ffp/tmp

For these variables to be available any time by any shell, we have to declare them at the end of default profile /ffp/home/root/.profile


# set compilation environment
export CC="gcc"
export CXX="g++"
export GCC="-O3"
export CFLAGS="-march=armv5te -O3 -I/ffp/include"
export CCFLAGS="-march=armv5te -O3 -I/ffp/include"
export TMPDIR=/ffp/tmp
export CONFIG_SHELL=/ffp/bin/sh

4. Logoff

You now need to start a new session login on your DNS-323 to be ready to compile your first source code.


Everything is now ready to allow you to compile many interesting packages on your DNS-323   :-)

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